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Editorial for Thursday, May 11th, 2000

Video Games create killers?

Ever since Columbine, some people are viewing video games as the cause of violence. Right. The news media has blamed the game "Doom" for causing teen violence. Right. A game that's been out sense 1990 or so caused these psychotic students to kill. If video games caused violence, then how come these events are so uncommon? Everyone and their mothers play video games. Yet, everyone and their mother do not go on killing sprees. *sigh* The media looks for a scapegoat every generation, and for my generation, video games are it. For my mom's generation, it was rock 'n' roll. The Beetles, Led Zepplin, Queen... they all took the blame for that generation's problems. For the 50's, it was comic books. When will the government realize that we must stop scapegoating the cause to every problem and take a look at maybe it was the killer's fault and their fault alone. This society is getting to a point to where no one is at fault for their own actions. It is their enviroment that causes them to do things. Murders get less time in jail because it wasn't their fault, it was the way they were raised, or the type of housing they grew up in, or even wht color their mother's hair was... Criminy, man... Music was blamed a bit in Columbine. The killers listened to Rammstein. I'm sure that a band who's lyrics are in German caused two kids who don't speak German to kill everyone. If you honestly believe that, you might wanna stay away from people who own dogs; you never know when their dog might tell them to kill everyone. You know whom I blame for Columbine. The killers. Maybe gun control laws, but definatly not video games, music, comic books, or God knows what else. Write your local Representative and demand tougher cun control laws.

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