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The Thoughts of Thomas Sheets

Hey everyone. This page is a place where I place my thoughts. If I worked for a major paper, it would be called an editorial. You might be wondering "Why should I listen to a teenager? What do teenagers know about anything?" Well, if you think that way, I'm truly sorry for you. But, please read on anyway. I hope I'll change your mind on teens.

Editorial for Thursday, June 22nd, 2000


Ah.. I have no real topic on mind... I just want to write. I'll seperate topics to make things less confusing.

First, R.I.P. Vanessa.

Now, for those who're wondering, here is my thesis on why chicks are evil (generally speaking). They say they want one thing, yet they do other things. Hmm. They'll say (and I've been told this by girls before) "You're exactly the type of guy I want to marry!" or "You're awesome, you're the quinticential man". However, in practice, they usually end up going out with jerks. And more jerks. And the jerks break up with them. And they still want the jerks. Why? I know a chick who has wanted this dude for 3 + years. He's stood her up countless times, but she still wants him. Or, how about another girl who went out with this guy, then dumped him when she found out that he was cheating on her. Less than three weeks later, they're back together. Thats a bunch of crap. And, that's just the begining of the problems. More later.

Ah, yes... The movie industry and this bull about marketing to minors. Senator McCain is charging all this stuff (some of which might be true). I'm not debating whether its wrong or not. I'm mad at the fact that there might be legislation against movies that are "too violent" or "too mature". Basically, censorship is arriving, in the form of "Good ethics". Is it not the parents job to raise the children, not the governments? Shouldn't the parents decide what movies, music, video games, et cetra that their children should or shouldn't see/listen/play/whatever? I say boo to the US Government on this crap.

I also boo the government for the abortion pill. While I'm not really sure where I stand on abortion, I do think that at least there should be heavy counciling. I do believe that abortions because of bad choices are wrong (i.e. If someone chooses to have sex and gets pregnant (I'm not talking rape, incest) and then doesn't want to deal with the concequences). I think that's wrong.

Boy bands: Pieces of crap or just the scum on the bottom of my shoe?

Does anyone else have a problem with the way presidential campains are run? The only way you can win and become president is if

Honestly, if we were a true democracy, wouldn't we make it easier to have more parties run? Shouldn't the Libertarian or the Socialist party have as much chance as the Republicans or Democrats? And, is it just me or does it seem that the distinction between the GOP and the Dems is harder and harder to notice?

Does anyone else think that school administrators need to get the stick out of their butt? Recently, we had a girl die from school. Car accident. The funeral is during the school day. While the principal has said its OK to go to the funeral (with a note from Mommy), some of the teachers are saying that if you miss, you won't be able to make up the points you miss. Like the test that day. Or how about stupid rules for no reason. No hats. No shirts that might be offensive. No off-color jokes (AKA any real jokes). No skateboards on campus (regardless of whether or not they're your ride to/from school). No trenchcoats. Too many pointless rules.

Until Next Time,


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