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Reasons, part 2

Ah, much like Star Wars, the saga continues...
So, today, I go to work. At 12. Got called in early. No big deal. Day's going good, kinda busy, but its better than Knotts. So, "Emma" shows up at work. I haven't seen her in a week. My day continues, and it gets busier, so I don't get a chance to talk to her. Anyway, later (about 4:30 or so), me and another girl at work (Annie) are washing dishes. She asks me if I'm upset that "Emma" and Victor are going out. Out of the blue. I hadn't heard a single thing about that. So, non-chalantly I say "No, it doesn't bother me... Not like I can do anything about it, anyway". She asks if I still like her, and I answer "Of course". So, I go off doing other things, trying to keep my mind off it. And, it wasn't that I was upset that she had a boyfriend... I'm more mature than that... Its the fact that I'm the last one that found out about it... And I though I was her best friend... Sure, I was kinda upset about her not going out with me, but... So, I go to J.B., and ask if I can go home early, I'm not feeling good. He tells me to wait 'till after he delivers some subs. Which takes an hour. So, I'm up at work, with "emma" and Victor, for an hour. "Emma" knew that something was wrong with me, but I wouldn't tell her. I couldn't speak, I was upset and close to crying (yeah, I cry. So what?). So, she asks "Is something wrong?" I say "Yeah". "Wanna tell me?" "Not now." Then she asks if I'll write her later and tell her. I don't answer. Last time I wrote her to tell her what was wrong with me, she never responded; nay, she never even aknowledged that she recieved it (yet I know she did, though the miracle of AOL recipts). And last time I didn't have anything bad to say to her, yet this time I do. So, whomever visits this page, if you wanna give me advice... write me at Any advice would be nice.