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Yes, this is where you sign up to be eligible to recieve points. Fill in everything. Your address is optional, but mandatory if you want to recieve your prizes. OK, I know you might feel a bit paranoid about giving out your address, but I promise you that the only thing you'll recieve from me at your home address is your prizes, and your e-mail addy will never recieve any mail from me. Because, when you fill this stuff out, you'll get a FREE e-mail address . The member name and password will be the ones that you use to access that account.
More information will be sent to you when you sign up.
Oh, you'll pretty much get the member name you want. If, by some freak of nature chance it is already taken, I'll send an e-mail telling you so. I'll give suggestions, or you can choose your own.

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I agree to not sue Tommy for any reason, nor tell anyone where I got cool prizes (if they want the info for bad reasons)
I Agree to tell everone about Tommy's page o' stuff