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Once again I write
About the events that happened tonight
I went to the house of a friend
And I stayed at the party 'till the end
I came home from his house a little bit late
And it seems like my mom wanted me home by eight.
I enter the house, she is still awake
And I did not realize I made a mistake
Anymore the things I try to do are bad
No matter how good I do them, I'm treated like scum, and I become sad
All my actions, all my thoughts
All of everything is all for naught.
I'm really stinking pissed
But I'm not going to slit my wrists
I'm not going to make her happy by doing what I'm being prodded to do
No matter what, she's not going to cow me into this too.
So she can go screw herself now
I don't care with who or how
Screw it all, its all balderdash
I don't care about all that trash
I'm tired, I'm sad, I'm all out of tears
I feel so much older than my 16 years
So, this is life, huh? This is how it's supposed to be?
It sucks, man. Where is the legendary key?
All this whining, all this crying
All this pouting, all this hurting
I keep asking myself, "What's this life for?
"Is the answer hard to find? Is it through that door?"
I know that Christ holds all the answers for me
But I feel so dirty that I can't stand before He.
So I cry out to God right now, in this hour of need
"Be with me, LORD. Be with me, I plead!"
I know He hears me, I know He cares
And that comforts me; this is more than I can bear.
And so, I call the night to an end
And I go to talk to my friend.
She is one that is always there for me too
And she is close to my heart, that much is true.
And so she listens, as I whine and I moan
And she listens for hours, without even a groan.
She comforts me, she gives me an ear
And I thank her for that, for something so dear.
So as much as this whole thing is too much to support
I know I could not get through anything without my LORD and my closest cohort

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